Construction Specifications

The villas were constructed using high standards conventional characteristics of permanent houses making them hospitable throughout the year.

Their frame has been made of reinforced concrete according to the latest anti-seismic regulation. The exterior walls are 0.50m thick and consist of single brick, insulation DOW without heat-bridges and stone of 35cm thickness. For their coating the traditional method according to the Cycladian tradition was used. Insulations DOW have been already used at roofs and at floors. The tiles’ type for these villas have been chosen to be of group 4 and 5.

Pergolas and the rails are made of Austrian wood. The window and door frames are from Meranti wood with double glass, offering perfect heat and acoustic insulation and are painted with Sikkens colors.

Each house has its own fireplace, central heating, oil tank and warm water from solar collectors, electricity and boiler. All houses have alarm system, activation / deactivation of alarm via phone, satellite television and tv antenna, specific operation system for phone and DATA in each place.

Bathrooms and stairs have been constructed with special type of cement in nice pastel colors.

Kitchens are made of oak and there is also enough space for refrigerator, dish-washer, cooker-hood and oven, sink and absorber.

Each bedroom has wooden wardrobes of 4-10 sq.m.

Each house has independent garden in the front and in the back and parking spaces with wooden pergolas for two cars.